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Our Winemaking Philosophy

As a cherished family-owned winery, Russian Ridge Winery annually produces fewer than 1,000 cases. Located at 919 Washington St., San Carlos. Our dedication to winemaking excellence is showcased by fruit exclusively from single vineyards that span south to Paso Robles, north to Napa Valley, and east to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. Half of our fruit is sourced locally in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Santa Clara Valley to reflect our regional terroir. Our red wines boast dark carmine colors, rich, ripe fruit, and bold, lasting tannins, while our still and sparkling whites showcase balanced and refreshing tropical and stone fruit notes.

Precision in the Winemaking Process

Embark on a journey of handcrafted wine perfection with us. Meticulous craftsmanship defines our family’s winemaking process, featuring small lots of 40 to 200 cases. Combining a classical winemaking approach with modern winemaking controls allows us to make a beverage that the winemakers and consumers of antiquity could only dream of tasting.

The highest quality fruit from each region inspires our winemakers to match that quality in their craftsmanship. Spencer appreciates that good fruit and a hard-working farmer are both essential constants in the equation for fine wine. After sourcing the other two parts of the formula, he strives to match their value with his own talented winemaking skills.

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Embracing Vintage Variation

Explore the captivating story of vintage variation at Russian Ridge Winery. Our numerous wine varietals crafted from distinct regions in small lots, reflect the annual nuances of chosen vineyard environments. Delight in the evolution of deep colors and luscious fruits in our reds, and the harmonious, refreshing notes in our whites. Each bottle produced encapsulates our unwavering passion for quality neotraditional winemaking. Connect with us through our Contact page or stumble into the tasting room, and let's share the unique character of each vintage together.