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Welcome to our Wine Club!

Wine Club Levels:

2 Bottles per quarter enjoys a 15% discount on all purchases.

4 Bottles per quarter enjoys a 20% discount on all purchases.

1 Case per quarter enjoys a 30% discount on all purchases.

All wines purchased during club months are at an additional 5% off of regular club discount.

YOU choose your wine selections from our current wine list.

Should you get busy and not make it in during one of the club months we will charge your card in the following month the suggested selection at regular club price.


Club membership is for 1 year. Membership renews automatically after 1 year until you notify us of a change. You can move up or down levels at your discretion.


1. Additional 5% added to club rate on case purchases.

2. Free tastings for you and a guest. On the first visit of your guest they receive your club member discount.

3. First choice on limited lots of futures when offered. Futures will be offered at a 50% discount.

4. Member only wines – small lots when available. Last club members only release was 2014 Malbec and 2014 Petite Verdot. Next wine available to club only: 2017 Rose of Barbera coming soon.

5.Club pick up is every quarter: February, May, August, November.

6 thoughts on “Join our wine club”

    1. We are open every weekend! Friday from 5p to 9p, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm. Stop by and enjoy some very fine wines. They are all medal winners. Hope to see you soon.

  1. I met you at the Milpitas art & wine festival. I loved the Syrah. I would sign up for 4 bottles per quarter but San Carlos is a bit of a jaunt to commit to. Do you ship?

  2. Stop by the winery, try a tasting and fill out our wine club form. We have a very customer centric wine club.

  3. Your wine Club sounds interessting, because you have some nice tasting wines on your winery. I had the chance to taste one with my business-client on a business trip. But your winery is wide far off from us. Do you ship outside the US, aswell?

    1. We are only license to ship in California. We do have some new options for out of state shipping within the US but you need to call for shipping rates for those states that participate with the shipping vendor.

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