Bonny Doon Art & Wine Festival

We will be pouring @ the Bonny Doon Art & Wine Festival this Saturday the 21st of June!

Come on over to the coast, do some good and have a great time while your at it. Proceeds from the Festival directly support the art, music, and science programs at Bonny Doon Elementary School.

We will not be pouring at the winery this Saturday the 21st. We will be open Sunday the 22nd and the following weekend 28th and 29th.

We will be open Friday evening the 27th for  tasting and wine  by the glass. Stop by, have a glass of wine and relax a little. Head over to Devils Canyon Brewery for a beer and some fine tunes. Grab some grindage at  the food trucks. Wander back to close out the evening with another glass of wine and unwind with your wine out on the winery patio. By a bottle for the table with your friends.

THREE wineries AND a brewery in San Carlos? Who knew! Come and find out for your self!

We hope to soon start the “San Carlos Wine Walk”. Ask us about it when you stop by for a free taste on Saturdays or Sundays.

We will be open next Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th. Find out why people are saying they have trouble choosing which wine they like the best!

We are still at 1001 Washington St., San Carlos…… Thats right in San Carlos…. Who Knew?


Joan, Spence and Scott T.

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