2014 Crush

Well the 2014 vintage is in the barrels.
We had a tremendous amount of fun working in our new winery. It was a bit cramped but we managed.
We started with the Pinot Noir from Summit Road in mid September. We pressed the Pinot Noir off to settling tanks and got ready for an intense weekend. It started with the Merlot from Dan and Therese Martin @ Half Moon Vineyards. We helped load up the bins for Katheryn Kennedy, as there pick started before ours, under a 100 degree sun. We finally got loaded up with our fruit and headed for the winery around 3pm. We finished the crush, destemming, and analysis by 10pm. We headed home and grabbed a little sleep. I headed out for Paso Robles @ 2am to arrive at daybreak. We loaded up the Petite Sirah from Linda and Bob Pettis’ Roadrunner Farm and headed for the winery around 9am. We arrived around 1pm and started the processing and analysis all over again. We finished up around 8pm. Headed home to grab some more sleep only to get up at 2am Monday morning to go to Fiddletown to pick up our Zinfandel from Yvonne and Gino Rinaldi. We were picked before Rombauer so were able to get an early start back to the winery. Big “Thank You” goes out to Rombauer and Gino for that early start! We finished up the crush around 8pm. Off to bed for a long deserved sleep. Fortunately for us my brother Mitch flew in from Michigan the next day for an intense three week wine boot camp session. We picked him up from SFO around noon and had him pumping wine to barrel by 2pm. He also helped us paint the outside of the building to get the winery ready for our Grand Opening. We will be forever grateful for his immense help during our first crush in our new winery. As each wine finished its fermentation we pressed it off to settle in tank to go through its secondary fermentation. Our next wine to come in was our Cabernet Sauvignon from Therese and Dan. We also picked up our Cabernet Franc at the same time. We racked the Petite Sirah, Zinfandel and Merlot wines in tank to barrels. The next fruit to come in was the Michael Mann Merlot and Malbec. This fruit was processed and analysis complete by 8pm. Finally around the end of October our last varietal Petit Verdot was processed and put to barrel by the 12th of November.
The crush this year was around 3 weeks early due to the warm spring. We had a fairly even growing season with a few heat spikes. The end of the growing season did not have the usual rain worries that sometimes drives the pick. We had the opportunity to pick when we wanted to with additional hang time to intensify the fruit flavors.
We think the wines for this year will be exceptional.
Joan was there for almost every destemming and crush getting elbow deep in the sweet juice making it a grand family affair. Thank You Joan for all your financial and emotional support as well.
I would also like to thank Mitch for his efforts and humor on those long days. Hope we didn’t tucker you out to much.
Working with Spencer for the past 4 vintages has been fun and rewarding. I could not have done this vintage or any of the others for that matter without him. He is becoming an accomplished winemaker. I have learned a lot from him as well. So the biggest Thank You goes out to Spence.
We would like to thank all of our Wine Club members and customers for their support. Without you we could not have this much fun!

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